Healthcare Professional Payment Transparency

Lysogene seeks to collaborate with Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organizations as a positive driver for the development of patient treatment and value of research advancements in patient care and progression of innovative medicines. We make payments or ‘transfers of value’ to Healthcare Professionals and Organizations to compensate them for the legitimate expertise and services they provide.

When required, in some countries, we publish payments to Healthcare Professionals and Organizations in line with local laws or regulations. In addition, we are disclosing payments and other transfers of value in line with the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) Disclosure Code.

Transfers of value made to Healthcare Professionals and Organizations by country:

Patient Group Funding

Lysogene works with organizations that advocate for patients around the world. These organizations play a critical role by informing and supporting patients and families, as well as safeguarding their rights. Further, patient organizations provide healthcare companies with important advice from their own perspective. Interacting with patient organizations enables Lysogene to learn about and understand the disease burden and unmet patient needs. In all our interactions with patient groups, we are committed to working ethically and transparently while respecting their integrity.

Lysogene discloses relationships with patient organizations in compliance with the EFPIA Code of Practice on Relationships between the Pharmaceutical Industry and Patient Organizations.

Lysogene supports Eurordis, NTSADMPS Society, Cure Sanfilippo Foundation, Cure GM1 Foundation, MPS Canada, MPS Spain and NORD.

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